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Fiqh and Fatāwā (Islamic Law and Verdicts)

Rulings pertaining to the everyday life of a Muslim and worship.
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Purification and Impurities

Blood of Women, Discharge and Childbirth

Prayer (Al-Salāh) and Ablution (Wudhū)

Masjid Regulations

Fasting (Sawm) and Ramadān

Eid Rulings and Other Celebrations

Buying, Selling, Interest and Finance


Beatification and Jewellery

Dress-code and Clothing (Men and Women)

New Born Rulings (‘Aqīqah, Shaving the Head, etc.)

Punishments (Hadd)

Sport, Entertainment and Pastimes

Medicine (Tibb) and Health

Food, Drink, Intoxicants

Parents and Children Rights



Marriage and Family Life


Photography and Images

Music and Singing


Travelling and Journey

Hajj and ‘Umrah

Divorce and Khula’

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