Does pre-seminal fluid (madhī) break one’s fast and require Qadā: Shaikh Ibn ‘Uthaimeen

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Question: Does the release of madhī (pre-seminal fluid) during the month of Ramadān necessitate making up the fast if its release is due to desire?

Answer: The release of madhī does not invalidate the fast whether it takes place in Ramadān or out of it. And when we say it does not invalidate the fast, then that means it does not require that it be made up (Qadā). And pre-seminal fluid (madhī) generally exits due to sexual desire. So even if it is due to desire, even if it is due to kissing one’s wife or touching her, and the man emits madhī, his fast is still correct and he has no need to make it up.

Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Sālih Al-‘Uthaimeen: Fatāwā fī Ahkām as-Siyām (Dār ath-Thariyyā lin-Nashr) p. 239.

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