Hajj & Umrah: 3. Violations of the Ihrām Specific to Women

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In this part, we have the violations of Ihraam that are specific to women. Women must of-course read Part 1 of the violations, since they are common to both men and women.

As for the woman in particular, then she must cover herself completely in front of non-Mahram men. She may wear whatever she wishes of garments so long as she does not display herself or her beauty. She must stick to the conditions of the Hijaab. You can find these conditions in this article: Click Here.

Additionally she cannot wear gloves, and she cannot tie the niqaab (the face veil) around her head. She cannot cover her face except if there are men around or passing by, in which case she may cover her face by pulling down her jilbaab over her face. This can be done by adding extra material to the jilbaab so there is ample cloth to draw over her face if the need arises.

This is because it is better (and according to Ibn `Uthaimeen, obligatory) for the woman not to reveal her face to strange men.


Manaasik al-Hajj wal-`Umrah wal-Mashroo` Fiz-Ziyaarah of Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Saalih al-`Uthaimeen.


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