Fatwa Shaikh Ubaid: A man started fasting in Saudi, then he returned to his own country

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Fatwa of Ash-Shaikh Al-`Allaamah Ubaid al-Jaabiree: A man started fasting in Saudi, then he returned to his own country – and they started fasting a day later. So what does he do?


A man wishes to fast in Ramadan in Saudi and the last half in his own country. Sometimes his country may delay starting the fasting of Ramadan by a day differing in that respect from countries. So what should I do if I return to my land in the last half of Ramadan? Should he complete the month with his country or with the land he began the month in?


This affair requires an explanation. This matter has for you two situations.

The first situation: That your end of the month agrees with the land that you started fasting in. What is apparent is that is Saudi Arabia. Is that correct? So in this scenario there would be no problem.

The second situation: Your land was delayed in the moon sighting for the beginning of Ramadaan by a day or two after Saudi. So in this respect you are confronted with one of two scenarios:

The first being that you complete the thirty days of fasting – so when you have completed the thirty days you cease fasting.

The second scenario being that you will not be able to complete the thirty days, so then you are to fast with the people of your land until you complete the thirty days of fasting and you are not to exceed upon that.

Meaning: In the first scenario: That your land completes thirty days so you fast with them thirty days and you cease fasting with them.

In the second scenario: That your fasting is in line with Saudi and you continue fasting in your land and complete thirty days and then you cease fasting after that, even if it be secretly, and Allaah knows best.


Source: http://ar.miraath.net/fatwah/11429

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