Video: Watch New Year celebrations around the world and then look at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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Alhamdulillāh, Saudi Arabia is a land of Tawheed and Sunnah. These celebrations are not from Islam and are not permitted to be celebrated by Muslims. Allah has given the Muslims celebrations that are distinct to the Islamic tradition: Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha.

At the end of this video you find the statements of two great Scholars: Shaikh Sālih al-Fawzān stating the Islamic forbiddance of participating in these festivals and the prohibition of congratulating those who participate in them, or aiding these celebrations in any way. Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Sālih al-`Uthaimeen mentioning the excellence of the country of Saudi Arabia and its laws that are based upon the Sharee`ah.

The Lord of the worlds has perfected the Religion, sent His Prophets to call people to the truth, so humankind is duty-bound to follow their Lord’s commands, worship Him alone and submit to Him in obedience. That is where success lies, in this world and the next.



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