Audio: Two short clips on good health, nutrition and disease control

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Listen to this short clip explaining in simple easy terms the importance of good health and disease control, by nutrition and health expert, Phillip Day:

Simple goals you can follow

The great physician and scholar Ibn Al-Qayyim (died 1350 CE) stated: “Health is one of the most precious favours Allah has bestowed upon His servants, the most generous of gifts, the most plentiful of His bounties. Rather, even more, health is the most precious of favours without exception, so it is fitting that whoever is granted a portion of this fortune that he cherishes it, preserves it and guards it against harm…” (Zaad al-Ma`aad, 4/196)

Phillip Day on Psychiatry, medication of children and the dangers of Fluoride in water:

Ibn Al-Qayyim also said: “Material illnesses arise from an increase of matter which comes to a point of excess in the body whereby it harms its natural functions – and these are the most common illnesses. They are caused by consuming more food before the previous meal has been properly digested; by eating in excess of the amount needed by the body; by consuming food which is of little nutritional value and is slow to digest; and by eating different foods which are complex in their composition. So when a person fills his belly with these foods and it becomes a habit, they cause him various diseases” (At-Tibb An-Nabawī p.20; Medicine of the Prophet, ITS, p13.)

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