How the Righteous Cultivate their Children (eBook)

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How the Righteous Cultivate their Children (eBook)

Allah praise is due to Allah, the Lord of all creation, for His tremendous bounties upon the people. 

It is He who commanded parents to properly cultivate their children and He commanded the children to be dutiful to their parents as they grow up, and obey them in that which is good. 

Listen to the lecture. Click here: How The Righteous Cultivate Their Children

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    • As Salamu Alaykum Ustaadh,

      What is your advice then, to the children who were raised upon misguidance but then Allaah azza wa jal guided them- who often feel a sense of betrayal from their parents, disappointment and sadness as most of what they were enriched with was from the dunya- how do they go about treating their Parents correctly as they were not given proper tarbiyyah concerning that so there may be many behavioural habits that need to be broken.BārakAllāhu feek.

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