Allāmah Muqbil Ibn Hādi On The Insightfulness Of Allāmah Rabee’ In Uncovering Deceit Against Ahlus-Sunnah

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The Imām of Yemen in his time, the ‘Allāmah and Muhaddith, Ash-Shaikh Muqbil Ibn Hādee Al-Wādi’ee (rahimahullāh) stated: “From the most insightful of people concerning the jama’āt and the taints [and errors] of the jama’āt in this era is the brother, the Shaikh, Rabee’ Ibn Hādi, may Allah preserve him. If Shaikh Rabee’ says about a person that he is a partisan (hizbi), then it will become apparent to you after some days that he is a hizbi — and you will remember that [which Shaikh Rabee’ had said]. A person, in the beginning of his affair, is hidden and does not want his reality uncovered — but when he gains some strength and gathers a following, and [he feels] speech against him will not harm him, he uncovers what he has with him [of misguidance]. So I advise you to read the writings of Shaikh Rabee’, and to benefit from them — may Allah, the Most High, preserve him.”

Ref: Audio: As-As’ilatus-Sunniyyah Li-‘Allāmatid-Dār il-Yamaniyyah: Question posed by the youth of Tā’if.

Imām Muqbil Ibn Hādi (rahimahullāh) also said: “All praise is due to Allah — Ahlus-Sunnah sieve out the society and sift out [the people of Sunnah from the opposers]. [As for] Shaikh Rabee’ — [as the Prophet (ﷺ) said], ‘There shall not cease to remain a group from my Ummah manifestly upon the Truth. They are unharmed by those who oppose them and by those who betray them; up until the command of Allah comes, and they will remain as such.’ So Shaikh Rabee’ in the land of the two Harams and in the Najd — yes, praise is due to Allah — he sifts out the partisans (hizbees) and he clarifies what they are upon.”

Ref: Audio: Thanā al-‘Ulamā ‘alash-Shaikh Rabee’

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