Mother asks: I have young children, and they misbehave all the time. What can I do? (Imām Ibn Bāz)

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Question to Imām Ibn Bāz (rahimahullāh): I have a few young children, and they are often playing around and misbehaving. Is it allowed for me to make duʿā against them?

Answer: If some of your children misbehave such as cursing each other, insulting and arguing between themselves―then you should strive with them to teach them, guide them, advise them and discipline them―and make duʿā to Allah (the Mighty and Majestic) that He guides them. And do not despair nor lose hope, rather ask Allah to guide them and teach them―and also their father, their older brother and their grandparents―they should advise them and discipline them until they become upright, but don’t ever despair!


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