He fasted for 70 years daily, but Allāh did not answer his du’ā…

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“From Wahb b. Munabbih that he said: there was from those who came before you, a man who worshipped Allah for 70 years in fasting, breaking his fast only on Saturdays. He sought from Allah a need for himself but Allah did not give it to him. So he turned to his own soul and said: ‘This is due to you. If there was any goodness in you, your need would have been fulfilled.’ So Allah sent down in that very hour an Angel who said to him, ‘O son of Adam! This hour wherein you blamed yourself, was better for you than your worship which has passed!’

Al-Muntaqa min Masmoo’āt Diyā al-Maqdisī bi Marw, vol. 1.

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