Chapter 5: Allah appeared to the mountain: Refuting those who wish to suppress the Hadīth of Allah’s Attributes: Abu Ismā’īl Al-Harawi (d. 481H)

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The following is a chapter from Shaikhul-Islaam Abu Ismaa`eel Al-Harawee’s (rahimahullaah, 396 – 481H): “The Book Of Forty Narrations In The Evidences Of Tawheed”Screenshot 2015-12-08 10.27.51 This compilation is an amazing series of narrations in the establishment of the Tawheed of Allaah, the Mighty and Majestic, especially in the arena of the Names and Attributes that has left the Jahmiyyah and their offspring such as the Ashaa`irah and Maatureedees dumbstruck just as Allaah has said:

وَقُلْ جَاءَ الْحَقُّ وَزَهَقَ الْبَاطِلُ ۚ إِنَّ الْبَاطِلَ كَانَ زَهُوقًا

“And say: ‘The Truth has come and falsehood has been vanquished. Surely! Falsehood is ever bound to be wiped out.’” (Al-Israa 17:81)

Chapter (5): The Refutation of the one who believes that the narrations of the Attributes of Allaah, the Mighty and Majestic, should be concealed

Abu Ismaa`eel Al-Harawee (481H) with his chain of narration to Thaabit al-Bunaanee from Anas Ibn Maalik (radiyallaahu `anhu) from Allaah’s Messenger (salallaahu `alaihi wassallam) regarding the saying of Allaah, the Mighty and Majestic:

فَلَمَّا تَجَلَّىٰ رَبُّهُ لِلْجَبَلِ جَعَلَهُ دَكًّا

“So when his Lord appeared to the mountain, He made it collapse to dust..” (Al-A`raaf 143)

Anas indicated it with with just the tip of his little finger – So Thaabit Al-Bunaanee did the same.

So Humaid Ibn at-Taweel said to him: “What do you want to achieve by doing that Oh father of Muhammad (Oh Thaabit)?”  

So Thaabit raised his hand and struck his chest hard and said:

“Who do you think you are Oh Humaid!? And what are you Oh Humaid?! Anas Ibn Maalik narrates to me from the Prophet (salallaahu `alaihi wassallam) and you ask: ‘What do you want to achieve by doing that?'”

(Reported by Ahmad 3/125; Al-Haakim in al-Mustadrak 2/320 through various chains of narration; Al-Haakim said: This hadeeth is Saheeh upon the conditions of Imaam Muslim. Adh-Dhahabee agreed  – see the attached scan for the Arabic text and complete referencing by Shaikh `Alee Naasir Al-Faqeehee, hafidhahullaah)


The Attributes of Allaah are affirmed upon their apparent meanings: 1. Without negating or rejecting any of the Attributes. 2. Without interpreting/distorting the Attributes to mean other than what is apparent (through the use of metaphors and analogies). 3. Without asking “how” the Attributes are. 4. Without likening any of the Attributes of Allaah to the creation. This particular hadeeth affirms that we are to do as the Prophet (salallaahu `alaihi wassallam) did, and not fear the blame of the blamers who conceal these narrations in their ignorance and misguidance. Indeed Allaah appeared to the mountain and the Prophet indicated that with the tip of his little finger.

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