“Advice For Those Who Have Turned To The Way Of The Salaf” ― Where To Begin, Seeking Knowledge, What To Study, Remaining Sincere And Humble, How To Keep Firm, Who To Take Knowledge From, What To Avoid, Keeping Good Companionship, etc.

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REQUEST: I have made this book freely available ― I request that you donate (if you are able) the amount of just £2 as a Sadaqah to the Salafi Bookstore and Islamic Centre so they can print and distribute free leaflets and booklets to aid the da’wah of Ahlus-Sunnah and Hadīth across the world. If you are not able to donate, then please make du’ā to Allah that He continues to aid and strengthen this blessed da’wah.

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of all creation; may Allah extol the mention of our noble Prophet Muhammad in the highest company of Angels and give him peace and security―and his family, his Companions and all those who follow him correctly until the establishment of the Hour.

Read below or download the eBook PDF from here.

Or listen to the lecture here Part 1 and Part 2.



  1. Assalaamu alaikum. What can a teenage girl do to become a student of knowledge? She just recently became Salafi and is struggling with abandoning sins. She has very few resources to take from and no friends who are Salafi to support her. JazaakaAllaahu Khair.

    • Walaykum salaaam. Please inform the sister mentioned here that there are many sisters who would be more than happy to support her if you like to get in contact please reply to this message. Also lessons are taught in the masjid. The same lessons are also broadcast live if you are unable to attend. Alternatively please advise the sister to visit salafi book store on coventry road and ask them to assist you in getting in touch with salafi sisters.

  2. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu… I’m a sister from India recently accepted the truth of Salafi Manhaj I find no person or resources to help study the deen correctly.. guide me with the needful.

    • wa-alaykumus-salaam wa rahmatullaah wa barakaatuhu,

      Visit salafisounds.com and listen to the taught books recorded.
      Visit radiosalafi.com and follow the live classes.
      Follow @salafipubs on twitter for updates.

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