“The disease of the Muslim Youth in the present age…” By Shaikh Al-Albāni (may Allah have mercy on him)

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Ash-Shaikh Al-Imām Al-Muhaddith Al-‘Allāmah, Muhammad Nāsir Ad-Dīn Al-Albānī (rahimahullāh) said:

“The disease of the Muslim Youth in the present age is that just because they feel like they have learned something of knowledge that they were not previously aware of; they raise their heads and think that they have encompassed knowledge of everything. So self-delusion and self-amazement gain mastery over them.”

Silsilah Al-Hudā wan Nūr: 861

‏قال الشيخ الألباني رحمه الله :

آفة الشباب المسلم في العصر الحاضر هو أنهم لمجرد أن
يشعروا بأنهم عرفوا شيئا من
العلم لم يكونوا من قبل على
علم به رفعوا به رؤوسهم وظنوا
أنهم قد أحاطوا بكل شيئا علما
فتسلط عليهم الغرور والعجب.
( سلسلة الهدى والنور/٨٦١)

(Translated by Abdullah ibn Abdil-Wāhid Alam)

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