Shaving the Head of the Baby on the Seventh Day

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1. It is established from the Sunnah that the head of the child is to be shaved on the seventh day after the birth:

From Samurah (radiyallaahu `anhu) that Allaah’s Messenger (salallaahu `alaihi wassallaam) said:

“A child is held in pledge by his `aqeeqah that is slaughtered on his behalf on the seventh day, and he is named and his head is shaved.”

Reported by Ahmad (7/5), Abu Dawood (2838), At-Tirmidhee (1522). It was graded Saheeh by: At-Tirmidhee, Al-Haakim, Abdur-Razzaaq Al-Ishbeelee and others.

Salmaan Ibn `Aamir Ad-Dabbee (radiyallaahu ‘anhu) said that: I heard Allaah’s Messenger (salallaahu `alaihi wassallam) say:

“For the child there is an `aqeeqah, so spill blood on his behalf (i.e. slaughter an animal) and remove from him harm.”

Al-Bukhaaree (5472), Abu Dawood (2839).

Al-Hasan Al-Basree (d. 110H, rahimahullaah) said:

“The removal of harm is shaving the head.”

Reported by Abu Dawood (2840).

Ibn Abdil-Barr said in At-Tamheed (4/318) said:

“As for the shaving of the head of the child at the time of `aqeeqah, then the scholars used to recommend that – and it is established from the Prophet (salallaahu `alaihi wassallam) in the hadeeth regarding the `aqeeqah, ‘His head is shaved and he is named.'”

2. Some benefits concerning the shaving of the head of a baby:

Ibnul-Qayyim (rahimahullaah) said in At-Tuhfatul-Mawlood (p.121):

“Removing the harm from him, and the removal of weak hair so that stronger hair replaces it, which is firmer than what was there before, and it is better for one’s head. Alongside that there is relief for the child, and opening of the pores in the scalp so that the unpleasant vapour may escape with ease. And in that there is a strengthening of the eyesight, the nasal passage and the hearing.”

3. An issue: Should the hair of a baby girl be shaved?

In this there is some differing between the Scholars, but what is apparent is that the head of the baby girl is also to be shaved for the following reasons:

Maalik Ibn Anas (d.179H, rahimahullaah) narrated in Al-Muwatta (2/501) from Ja`far Ibn Muhammad, from his father who said:

“Faatimah the daughter of Allaah’s Messenger (salallaahu `alaihi wassallam) weighed the hair of Hasan, Husayn, Zaynab and Umm Kulthoom, and she gave its weight in silver as charity.”

This narration is mursal-saheeh (authentic except for the fact that there is a narrator missing) – however, there is within it Muhammad Ibn Al-Husayn Ibn `Alee Ibn Abee Taalib (radiyallaahu `anhumaa) who narrates this from his family, and he is more knowledgeable concerning them. And this is supported by the statement of the Messenger (salallaahu `alaihi wassallam):

“And shave his head.”

Furthermore the Prophet (salallaahu `alaihi wassallam) explained the wisdom behind removing the hair of the new-born because it is harmful saying: “And remove from him harm.”

So this encompasses every new-born, whether it be male or female, and Allaah knows best.

Benefits taken from the treatise: Al-Afaadah bimaa yushra` fi`luhu Ayyaam al-Wilaadah