Understanding Today’s Reality is Crucial: Fine Examples for the Youth. Part 7 (Final)

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The condition of many Muslims at home and school (especially in the West) is a cause for great concern and lamentation. Households are filled with sins such as music, free-mixing and movies, etc—we have too many absentminded and careless fathers and mothers. Girls and their mothers leave the home uncovered (without hijāb). Men pay little attention to their duties as heads of the household and their sons are left to the cultivation of the streets and street gangs.

As for school, then state schools in the West teach young children that they can change gender regardless of their sex at the time of birth. So, a boy at a young age can identify as a girl and a girl can identify as a boy; same-sex relationships and intimacy are treated as normal and even encouraged. Recently, a school in Brighton began to teach 12-year olds that boys can menstruate. How is that? Because some girls began to identify themselves as boys, but since they are biologically and physiologically females, they started to menstruate. So the law states that ‘she’ is now a ‘he’, therefore it follows that ‘he’ has started menstruating! All common sense and human norms have been cast to one side!

These schools teach children that humans evolved from apes (as a fact), and parents do not have the ability or knowledge to respond. Muslim children attend state schools well into adolescence and do not pray or attend Jumu’ah for months on end. In Ramadan, they are encouraged not to fast. Promiscuity is encouraged between the sexes and even with the same sex. Young children are encouraged in some English writing classes to write pretend love-letters proposing marriage to persons of the same sex.

Orthodox textual Islam is treated as backward, out-dated and in “need of reform”. There is a small but growing community of ex-Muslims who are working hard to recruit weak-willed, sinful, and ignorant Muslims to their cause.

Our youth are duped because they are ill-equipped to deal with the doubts and misrepresentations of Islam that are thrown at them, and they are too uneducated to answer the pseudo-science that propounds the theories of Darwinism and the beginnings of the universe.

All this and more whilst parents remain oblivious and ignorant (some deliberately) to the real challenges facing Muslim communities. It is time that Muslim parents made an effort to learn and teach their youth; to offer a counter-narrative and counter-arguments through developed and reasoned refutations that educated and learned Salafis have compiled (and continue to compile) in order to keep our beliefs and our Islamic heritage safe from those who fight against it and wish to see it disappear from future generations of Muslims. This is why I made the point earlier and through several lectures about the importance of investing in Muslim heritage countries and finding a way to support their economies and to build your homes in those lands with a view to resettling in friendly and more accommodating Muslim societies.

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We ask Allah to guide us to that which is best for us and our children and to grant us success in our endeavours to safeguard ourselves and our families. And all praise is for Allah, Lord of all creation.

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