The seven most prolific narrators of Hadeeth from the Sahābah (in order)

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The seven most prolific narrators of Hadeeth (in order) are:

  1. Abu Hurairah, ‘Abdur Rahmān bin Sakhr ad-Dawsi (radiyallāhu ‘anhu), (d.59H), narrated 5347 ahādeeth.
  2. ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Umar ibn al-Khattāb (radiyallāhu ‘anhumā), (d.73H), narrated 2630 ahādeeth.
  3. Anas bin Mālik (radiyallāhu ‘anhu), (d.93H), narrated 2286 ahādeeth
  4. ‘A’ishah bint Abi Bakr, Umm ul-Mu’mineen (radiyallāhu ‘anhumā), (d.58H), narrated 2210 ahādeeth.
  5. ‘Abdullah Ibn ‘Abbās (radiyallāhu ‘anhumā), (d.68H), narrated 1660 ahādeeth.
  6. Jābir bin ‘Abdillah al-Ansāri (radiyallāhu ‘anhumā), (d.78H), narrated 1540 ahādeeth.
  7. Abu Sa’eed al-Khudri, Sa’d bin Mālik bin Sinān (radiyallāhu ‘anhu), (d.74H), narrated 1170 ahādeeth.

Their number is restricted to 7 because these are the only 7 who narrated more than 1000 ahādeeth each.

Abu Khadeejah.

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