Muhammad Hijab: Revilement of the Sahābah and the Scholars of Ahlus-Sunnah: A Refutation by Abu Khadeejah Abdul-Wāhid.

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🔥⚡️ Clarifying a Doubt about the Deviation of Muhammad Hijab — A question to Abu Khadeejah. 

Question: May Allāh bless you and grant you wellbeing. 

I had a discussion with my relative about Mohammed Hijab. My  relative replied to me saying: “He has a positive effect on others but the problem is his arrogance, and it’s better to  overlook his  mistake.”

So here are my questions:

1- How do we refute the doubt that “he has a positive impact on the Dawah scene” and the likes of it?

2- It’s acknowledged that some of the Salaf (may Allāh  forgive them) had mistakes in ‘Aqeedah due to their ‘Ijtihād. How can we differentiate between a Salafi scholar’s Ijtihaad in ‘Aqeedah a current caller’s error in ‘Aqeedah (whether ignorantly or intentionally)?


1. As for the first point, it is like saying Khomeini the Rāfidī had a positive impact on the da’wah scene because people listened to him and followed his teachings, or that Ibn Laden the Khārijī had a positive effect on the da’wah scene, or that Sayyid Qutb had a positive effect on the da’wah scene, or that Deen Squad (the rappers) have a positive effect on da’wah because Muslims listen to them!

This is an ignorant argument, extremely subjective, and not based on whether one’s speech is true or false, but how famous or loud they are. Only a person of desires or one who is ignorant would make such an argument. 

Muhammad Hijab is a deviant innovator (mubtadiʿ) who never entered Ahlus-Sunnah in the first place; he is a mutakallim, muʿtazili philosopher, an opposer of the Creed of the Four Imāms and the early Salaf — his beliefs lie among the 72 misguided sects. 

2. As I stated, Hijab is not a Salafi (Sunni) nor a Scholar — he is not on the manhaj or ʿaqeedah of the Salaf, so the comparison with some of the Salaf who erred  is extremely faulty. If fact, Hijab fights the ʿaqeedah of the Salaf, reviles it and mocks it, calling it Tajseem and Hinduism! 

He is a Jahmi-Muʿtazili who attacks the Creed of Imām Ahmad, Ibn Taymiyyah etc., regarding the Names and Attributes of Allāh. Even the Sahābah such as Ā’ishah (may Allah be pleased with her) are not safe from his criticisms. 

Furthermore, he reviles the Imāms of the Sunnah such as Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Wahhab, Al-Albani, Rabeeʿ al-Madkhalī and Al-Fawzān — and he openly displays his hatred for the People of Sunnah; he is an open fāsiq (an abusive liar and slanderer). He is not a scholar so has no right to ijtihād — and, there is no qiyās, place for philosophical reason or ijtihad in matters of belief and methodology in any case. 

Those scholars who fell into error from some of the later ones was due to the prevailing creeds that were dominant in their regions (so the truth did not reach them in some matters, so for that reason, they are excused) — nevertheless they were still scholars upon the methodology of Ahlul-Hadeeth such as al-Hāfidh Ibn Hajr. They were certainly not from the philosophers, Mu’tazilah, Jahmiyyah, Shi’ah, or Khawārij, etc. In fact they refuted these sects, (unlike Hijab who embraces them and aids them) so we ask Allah to have mercy upon the Scholars of Hadeeth and Sunnah who fell into error. 

The same cannot said about the innovators such as Jahm ibn Safwan, Wasil ibn ʿAta, Maʿbad al-Juhani, Ibn Kullab, al-Jubba’ī, Ibn Sina, Sayyid Qutb, Khomeini, etc. 

So, it is sheer ignorance to suggest that Hijab has the right to ijtihād, and that he is rewarded for his mistake! Muhammad Hijab is a deviated, misguided innovator and he has fallen into some of the severe deviations of the Jahmiyyah, Rāfidah, Mu’tazilah and others among the Zanādiqah.

I ask Allah the Most High, the Lord of the mighty Throne, to silence Muhammad Hijab, and to keep the Ummah safe from him and his likes. 

Abu Khadeejah.

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