Those Who Criticise The People Of Sunnah Due To Mistakes In Arabic Grammar Whilst They Themselves Are Upon Falsehood

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Those Who Criticise The People Of Sunnah Due To Mistakes In Arabic Grammar Whilst They Themselves Are Upon Falsehood

Al-Imaam Abu Bakr Ahmad Ibn ‘Alee Ibn Thaabit, well-known as al-Khateeb al-Baghdaadee (rahimahullaah, died 463H) stated in Iqtidaa’ul-‘Ilmil-‘Amal with the checking of Shaikh Al-Albaanee (rahimahullaah):

Chapter: Those who Disliked Learning Arabic Grammar Due To What It Leads To From Arrogance & Haughtiness”

No. 151: ‘Abdullaah ibn ‘Umar ibn Ahmad

“A man of nobility wearing a silk garment was present in a gathering whilst Imaam Maalik (d. 179H) was speaking, and Maalik was making grammatical errors. So the nobleman said: “Could not his parents spare two dirhams so as to have him learn Arabic grammar?” Imaam Maalik heard the words of the nobleman, and replied: “That you know what is permissible clothing for you from that which is impermissible is better for you than [knowing the difference between] ‘daraba abdullaahi zaydan’ and ‘darbi zaydin abdallaahi’!”  


And if that is the case with the halaal and haraam, then how much more so for one who is corrupted in his ‘Aqeedah?! It is not surprising that there are, even in our times, those who study and learn Arabic grammar and attain fluency, yet are ignorant of the Salafi Manhaj and ‘Aqeedah, rather they are drowned in hizbiyyah and self-amazement!

No. 152: ‘Abdullaah ibn ‘Umar ibn Ahmad, the admonisher, informed us saying: my father narrated to me saying: Muhammad ibn ‘Abbaas ibn Shajaa’ narrated to us saying: Ayyoob ibn Sulaimaan narrated to us saying: ‘Abdul-Hameed ibn Ibraaheem Abu Taqee narrated to us saying: Salamah ibn Kulthoom narrated to us saying: I heard Ibraaheem ibn Ad’ham from Maalik ibn Deenaar, who said:

“You may meet a man and he will not make a mistake [in Arabic grammar] even in a single letter! But his deeds, all of them, are full of mistakes!”


And this is case of those ignorant of the Salafi Manhaj and ‘Aqeedah, and those who spend their nights and days waging war upon ahlus-Sunnah! They spend their time learning the language only to sharpen their tongues against the People of Truth, so as to mock the Salafi youth who have love and zeal for the da’wah: “You cannot recite properly, you cannot pronounce properly, you have mistakes in grammar, etc.” All of this in order to turn the youth away from the Path of Hadeeth, Sunnah, clarity and being distinct from ahlul-Bid’ah.

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