Is it a must to perform ‘Umrah before Hajj? Shaikh Rabee’ Ibn Hādi Al-Madkhali

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Question: Is it a must to perform ‘Umrah before Hajj?

Answer: Yes, that is better. ‘Umrah before Hajj is not a must, not an obligation. Some scholars do hold it to be obligatory (wājib) – some of the credible Imāms of Islam have stated that ‘Umrah before Hajj is obligatory – from them is Ibn ‘Abbās, from them is Ibn Al-Qayyim, Ishāq Ibn Rāhawaih and others. They stated that ‘Umrah before Hajj is wājib – and they took that saying from the stance and guidance of the Messenger (salallāhu ‘alaihi wasallam). I do not say it is obligatory, I say it is better and I strongly emphasise that it is better [to make ‘Umrah before Hajj] because Allah’s Messenger (salallāhu ‘alaihi wasallam) emphasised it.

Ref: Majmooʿ Kutub was Rasā’il wa Fatāwā Fadeelah ash-Shaikh al-ʿAllāmah Rabeeʿ Ibn Hādi ʿUmayr al-Madkhali, 15/352.

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