BBC Interview: “Non-Muslim Feminist” talks about her Research into Salafi Women: Niqab, Conversion, Religious Compulsion and Terrorism: Dr Anabel Inge

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anabel-inge-book“Dr Anabel Inge is the first researcher to have gained open access to women in the UK Salafi community.” BBC (Sunday 20th November 2016)

What is Salafism?

Why do Salafi women choose the niqab?

Are they forced to wear the niqab?

Is Salafism a pathway to terrorism?

Why do women choose Salafism?

Here’s the BBC interview – just click play:

(Dated: Sunday 20th November 2016)


  1. Lovely to hear, strangely enough I teared-up when she was asked if Salafis are the type to join ISIS. To hear her explain we are against it was very nice. We ask Allaah to guide Anabel Inge, ameen.

  2. May Allah guide this lady to Islam, اللهم آمين
    Speaking Truth about Salafi Methodology

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