Beautiful Yet Simple Supplications From The Qur’ān And Sunnah, and ʿUmrah Guide. (Ebook PDF)

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REQUEST: I have made this book freely available ― I request that you donate the amount of just £2 as Sadaqah to the Salafi Bookstore and Islamic Centre so they can print and distribute free leaflets and booklets to aid the da’wah of Ahlus-Sunnah and Hadīth across the world.

Please see the attached PDF E-Book that you can view on your phone or tablet. You can recite the supplications at the beginning of the book during Tawāf and Sa’ee.

Mobile device version → Simple Supplications & Umrah Guide

(Alternatively, you can call the Salafi Bookstore at +441217730033 and a book can be posted to you, inshā’-Allāh.)

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