A New Simple Umrah Guide With Beautiful Yet Simple Supplications From The Qur’ān And Sunnah. (Mobile Ebook)

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REQUEST: I have made this book freely available ― I request that you donate the amount of just £2 as Sadaqah to the Salafi Bookstore and Islamic Centre so they can print and distribute free leaflets and booklets to aid the da’wah of Ahlus-Sunnah and Hadīth across the world. If you are not able to donate, then please make du’ā to Allah that He continues to aid and strengthen this blessed da’wah.

Please see the attached PDF E-Book that you can view on your phone or tablet. Umrah guide begins on page 16. You can recite the supplications at the beginning of the book during Tawāf and Sa’ee

Mobile device version → Simple Supplications & Umrah Guide


(Alternatively, you can call the Salafi Bookstore on +441217730033 and a book can be posted out to you, inshā’-Allāh.)

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